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We curate extraordinary, amazing pieces for your home that you will LOVE!

Inspired by colors and patterns, we create spaces that are a mix of bright and subdued, old and new, and high and low, resulting in a collected, comfortable environments that is both one-of-a-kind and uniquely you.   


As a homeowner, you know what you love, the look you want to achieve, and how you want your home to feel each day when you walk in the door. You are the boss. We are here to help your dream home become a reality.

We don’t do ordinary.

Antique & Vintage Finds

Shelley and Lauren have a deep love for vintage, antique and unique goods. Let them find carefully curated treasures for your home. Their booth located at Benny Jack's in the Design District offers a wide variety of light fixtures, art, furniture, rugs, and accessories at every price point.

Antique & Vintage Finds


Add a WOW factor to your home or space with a custom piece by Holly Montero, HoneyComb Design's own artist. She creates gallery-worthy paintings that you will love hanging in your home.

Custom Artwork


Every child is an artist.  - Picasso

Holly Montero gives your kids a chance to become artists, having them paint masterpieces that you can hang in your home. 


As a pre-school teacher and artist, she offers a unique and FUN experience for kids to get creative and messy without you worrying about the cleanup. She offers a wide variety of art choices for kids to make something that is truly worth treasuring. This is a great gift for parents and grandparents as well.

Kid Art


We make truly unique spaces by mixing modern and vintage pieces; selecting eclectic fabrics, accent pieces, lighting, and furniture; layering flooring, carpets, and rugs; and more.

Our Projects
The Team


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Shelley Lipscomb


Known for her funky and approachable style, Shelley Lipscomb has been creating unique livable spaces in Texas for over 20 years.  Her work has been featured in Traditional Home as well as local papers. Shelley and long-time best friend Ann Burke worked together for over a decade as Shelley Burke Designs helping clients create relaxed, layered, and personal spaces for their clients. 


Holly Montero


Holly Montero is an artist has been painting since she can remember. She has an eye for creating a piece of art that has that "WOW" factor for the home. Holly is currently working as a preschool teacher and loves to paint commission pieces in her free time. 


Lauren Inman


Known for her ability to forage through antique fairs to find the best deals, Lauren Inman has inherited a love for the funky and layered look her mother is so well known for. She loves to reach beyond the obvious choices when selecting fabrics, colors, furniture, and objects to create a look that is truly unique. 


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